Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Images From Nantes

Polly and her better half (her husband Tom) are in Nantes France for the Pour L'Amour du Fil Show.

The show has moved this year to a new Convention Center.  It looks lovely!
Tom is getting the idea quickly. Polly's display is taking shape.
 Polly is vending rug hooking kits - lots of them.
 This isn't listed on the show program, but this looks suspiciously like Karen Styles reproduction of the Mrs. Billings Coverlet.  Ooooh, I wonder if there are more of them. (Polly sent over these photos without comment.  She is super busy.  I'm glad we got these pictures - even without commentary)

WHOOPS!!! The above quilt is the Herfordshire Quilt made by Carolyn Konig.  She is one of the honored artists at this years show.  My apologies, Carolyn and Karen.

 No need for comment on this photo.  It is the Selvedge booth - before it is set up.  Polly will be stalking it, as we were dumbstruck last year by all the goodies in it.  Polly even has a shopping list this year.
 This magnificent fish looks like the work of Mrs. Ike from Japan.  I can't wait to see more.
And of course - the other amazing thing about France is the food.  The best advice we got about France was from our niece Karen who lives in Toulouse.  She said when in Paris, make sure to take the bus boat to see the city - and when in France - "go hungry and eat everything."  I would advise you the same.  Don't these look yummy?

How are things here?  Great.  Obviously not as exciting as Nantes, but I can't complain.  We even had some holiday pastries here.  I got these on Good Friday and the last of them were eaten this morning.
Hot Cross Buns from Zingermans.

This is what I'm working on right now.  Just a sneak peak.  You'll be seeing more soon.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Hurrah! Sale!

I was in the home store yesterday and saw all the summer paraphernalia out in the aisles.  Summer holiday stuff.  There were a lot of flags.  It got me to thinking that maybe you would like to have a flag quilt of your own to decorate with.  Sure you do!  I'm putting our Hurrah! quilt kits on sale for the next week.  It could be finished for Memorial Day, and Flag Day, and the 4th of July!!! The Hurrah kit is on sale this week for 40% off (I know! I can hardly believe it myself).  Just use the coupon code - MEMORIALDAY when you check out of our Etsy store.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is Here!

No there are no lilacs blooming yet, but it won't be long.  One day it was winter and the next day it was spring.  No easing into the next season gradually around here.  Until they do bloom, I will get in the spring frame of mind with my lilac candle - a souvenir from Paris last year.  

It is heavenly.  Polly is getting ready to go back to France next week.  Let's hope she remembers to take lots of pictures! (hint. hint)  Polly will be in Nantes for the Pour l'Amour du fil.  She'll be vending and teaching a couple of rug hooking classes.  

I was at the Michigan Rug Artists Show yesterday and had a great time.  I do have some wool left.  So if any of you penny rug people or rug hookers are interested….

Blue Herringbone
Blue and Cream herringbone

Red Plaid

Cream and blue windowpane

They are all in out Etsy shop.

On Tuesday I will be in Holland Illinois at the Heritage Quilters Guild of South Suburbia 
to do a lecture and trunk show.  

So you can see… spring is quite busy here. It's so busy that Bill is doing a bit of the Spring Cleaning (without me).  Let's all give Bill a big hand for being such a good sport, shall we?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In Between

It seems I have a little bit of time before the next project starts.  About 2 days I'm guessing.  I'm awaiting some fabric to be delivered and I'm starting a new big project that you should see in about a month or so.  We just got done with the Lexington quilt tops and most are at the long arm quilter and one is being basted for me to hand quilt. But I have 2 days. I could of course, clean the house but I'm not.  What is needed after a frenzy of activity here is some calming hand work.

Mrs. Billings to the rescue!

It's time to appliqué the border onto Mrs. Billings Coverlet!  Here I am trying out different hexies for placement.  There are some late night West Coast baseball games this week and I have my late night entertainment/anxiety therapy all ready to go.

If any of you are in the area…. I'll be at the Michigan Rug Artists 2014 Hook-In and Rug Show this Saturday, April 12 at Washtenaw Community College - (Morris Lawrence building) from 10am until 4pm.  I'll have some Minick and Simpson wool, books, rug patterns, quilt patterns, and maybe even a few quilt kits.  Come see me!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Yoo-Hoo!  Remember us?  We use to post on this blog once in awhile.

Sorry it's been so long.  Things got in the way.  Life got in the way.  Today got in the way.  I would tell you more about today, but my vocabulary isn't that rich.  The only way to explain today would be to use blue language.

Is there anything more frustrating than computer problems when you're not sure what the problem is - yet alone how to remedy it? Nope. Nothing. You know, trying to find that exact nuance in a language in which you are illiterate?

Anyway, enough of that.  I do have some good news.  I have some new patterns to show you!  Here, without any more delay, are the new patterns that feature Lexington.
Shop owners are being show Lexington right now.  You should be able to buy it in August.  But - it's never too early to pick up some patterns.  Here are our patterns that feature Lexington.

Great Lakes Patchwork

Morning Walk

Blue Garden

True Blue  
They should all be in our Etsy Store.  Just click on the name of the patterns to take you there.

Hey, you know what happened today that wasn't frustrating? Baseball games were played and a certain team had a walk-off win in the 10th inning.  That was wonderful.

I hope to put up another pattern in the Etsy store just as soon as I understand my computer.  I'll let you know….


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rug Show at the Miromar Design Center

Polly will be back at the Miromar Design Center talking about - and showing her rugs.  If you are in the area, mark the date on your calendar.

Polly will be giving the talk in the Ralph Lauren showroom.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fat Quarter Bundle Winner!

Thanks everyone for saying such nice things.  Really.

The winner of the Fat Quarter Bundle of Lexington (and won't you be the lucky one getting it before anyone else!) is …


 Debbie said...
Love your story about Lissa. It's nice to see someone give recognition to those who really make a difference in our lives. Love your fabrics, I have a passion for these colors. I see a quilt created and given to an elderly person, to remind them they are loved and to keep them warm. I believe in passing it on.

We believe in passing it on too…

Email us here, Debbie and it will go right out to you.  

More later...